Leading a product from conception to completion is no easy task — and product managers deserve their own toolkit. Yet PMs have had scarce resources to do this great work.

In the past, product managers relied on spreadsheets, PowerPoint decks, and more general project management software. They used these tools to manage their road-maps, requirements documents, and more.

However, they were not created with product managers in mind. The specifics of product management — prioritizing features, organizing requirements, creating and maintaining product road-maps — are not easily managed using these tools. This adds needless hard work to an already challenging job.

Our service includes everything you need as a product manager. We will help with everything, from the strategy of outlining your road-map to the tactical side of building out your wire-frames. We will also become a better resource for your cross-functional product team.

How we help you to meet your goals?

Product Road-mapping

We help you to create a visual product road-map to outline your strategy, features, and ideas. Prioritize features and user stories for you. Crowd-source ideas from customers and employees alike, and integrate with development tools like JIRA, so engineering can build what matters.

Project Management

The tools we use will help you visualize projects at a high level. You can manage anything with our team, from teams of contractors to upcoming events. We offer deep integrations throughout the development and release workflow. Track bugs, issues, and project management functions using cutting edge tools

Product Research

We will take you into users' minds in real time. The tools we use built for small businesses that need user testing at a fraction of the typical cost. Create and send sophisticated surveys to your target market. You can also use our services for brand management, data analysis, and consumer marketing.


Find out where your users are clicking and scrolling — and why they leave your product. Get a real-time view of the data metrics that matter. Discover where your customers are coming from and who is the target market. Track, analyze, and optimize your marketing performance

User Experience

Don't lead your users to boring products. We offers design templates for any user experience on any target market. A full library of hand-picked design patterns for every user experience. It works across several different markets. Compare how others solve design problems.


Designed with Product Managers in mind, we helps you to create advertising campaigns, grow your client base, and track successes. Users can access their online strategy library and seminars, as well as search for in-person support. We have a suite of self-service marketing tools for small businesses.

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Everything you need to become an efficient Product Manager